point cloud / voxel data
to situational awareness

High-performance spatial data processing toolkit

Polaron copes with tera and peta byte scale spatial scenarios in real-time on GPU clusters.

Main features

Capture the environment with Mono-Stereo camera or Lidar driven SLAM

Merge spatial and other relevant datasets together in voxel alike grids for fast processing

Artificial Intelligence
Automate feature detection with our AI trained on volumetric data

Assign custom properties and per voxel

Use the inline editors to customise manually

Automate solution and route finding with multiple goals and factors considered

Render with path traced progressive offline or spatio-temporal reprojected live modes; 3D UI

Import from numerous data formats and export to traditional tools


3D UI screenshot Path tracing screenshot Reflection and Refraction screenshot Radiosity screenshot Animating screenshot Voxel editing screenshot AI annotation on live data screenshot Importing screenshot Volumetric integration screenshot

Import from

  • point clouds

  • elevation maps

  • traditional 3D meshes

  • vector and shape files

  • SQL tables

  • JSON data streams

Export to

  • render streams (via internal path tracer)

  • point clouds

  • OBJ meshes (surfaces are reverse-polygonised)

  • JSON data streams

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