Development roadmap


  • Further performance improvements in path tracer and 3D UI

  • Visual quality improvements in spatio-temporal reprojection

  • More efficient fused point cloud processing when injecting in real-time mapping mode

  • Demonstration videos and tutorials

  • Full API rollout and documentation

Coming later

(not necessarily in order)

  • DLSS integration

  • More sculpting brushes and deformations

  • Post filtering and further noise reduction

  • Route finder features extension

  • AI improvements with new models introduced

  • Unity sample projects to facilitate easy front-end integration

  • Support for more mesh, point cloud, and vector formats

  • GI caching per voxel

  • Multi viewport simultaneous rendering

  • Further latency reductions between GPU nodes in HPC mode

  • Solid physics with gradient stress fields

  • Smooth particle hydrodynamics